Friday, June 17, 2011

You Know What Today Is...

It's Friday. It's time to confess.


I confess... that I was just talking about a co-worker with the ladies in the office - and we weren't exactly saying the nicest things about him. Moments later, said colleague arrived here at work, and delivered a Timmy Ho's large double-double right to my desk, and told me to have a great day. Yeah. KIND of felt like a jackass.

I confess... that I went to a ball game last night and probably spent more time distracting the scorekeeper - (Me: "blah blah big boring story bitching about someone blah blah"; Scorekeeper Lynn: "Oh shit, I missed a whole batter! Who came up after Nick? Was he out?"; Me: "ummm I don't know...") - and swatting mosquitoes (they were BEASTS last night), than I actually spent watching the game.

I confess... I almost died at Zumba last night. The instructor switched up the whole routine (which I spent 7 weeks trying to learn), and it was crazy-ass hard compared to the old routine. She asked me once, with sincere concern in her eyes, if I was okay. Ummm... My face is beat-red and my head is about to explode. Do I LOOK okay?

I confess... I'm getting fatter by the second. I shouldn't bitch about Zumba. Instead, I should be doing it twice a day.

I confess... that I'm jealous of everyone who took today off work. Apparently there's about five of us working here today. I didn't realize it was National Take The Day Off Work Day. Somebody send me the memo next time.

I confess... that I left a bag of garbage sitting in my kitchen all week to test my ants and see if there are any left lurking around. I know. Gross. And still no return of ants. Go me.

I confess... that if one more person tells me it sounds like I have pneumonia, I'm gonna scream. IT'S JUST ALLERGIES. POLLEN IN MY LUNGS. I'M FINE.

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