Friday, June 10, 2011

'I used to be called a s**t at school' says Lady Gaga... as she parades down a runway in a see-through dress


Who's laughing now?: Gaga on the runway in Cologne for Germany's Top Model today

Her outfits have become more risque with every smash hit single, but Lady Gaga has complained that she was branded a 'sl*t' at school because of the way she dressed.

In a recent interview, the singer who firmly believes that less is more when it comes to couture, said she dreaded attending classes in New York because of the taunts.

However it hasn't stopped her revealing as much as she can at every opportunity since, as the sheer gown she chose for her appearance on Germany's Top Model today proves.

Sheer talent: It was almost a conservative choice for the shock singer, besides the see-through material

'I used to be called a sl*t. I didn’t even want to go to school sometimes,' the pop mega-star told the Daily Record.

And while this high-neck, long gown is positively Victorian compared to Gaga's usual choice of outfit, the sheer fabric reveals her body clearly - knickers, bra and all.

Fan club: Gaga was handed a hand made placard saying I Love You Gaga by a member of the audience

On her feet she wore a pair of her regulation Noritaka Tatehana shoes were clearly visible.

The towering, yet heel-less footwear has become a staple part of Gaga's overall look - this particular pair being covered with gold studs.

The post-modern singer teamed the barely-there ensemble with a teal wig.

Later Gaga was even more scantily-clad during her performance of songs Born This Way and Edge of Glory on the reality show, opting for fishnet tights, knickers and an asymmetric cape.

Feel the love: The superstar singer receive a very warm welcome when she appeared on the German version of Top Model

To begin with she sat at a piano which had stacks of money placed all over its lid.
Making her way on to the catwalk, Gaga stepped under three different guillotines, each of which had a different word illuminated above it - the first had SEX, the second MONEY and the third VANITY.

At the second guillotine, her dance troupe played with another huge stack of money, while at the third Gaga caused a moment of high drama when she placed herself under the blade of the execution device.

Money spinner: Gaga sits at the piano as she performs Edge Of Glory - the lid of the instrument cover with bundles of cash

The lights then went out before she jumped up holding a false head with the same teal wig she was wearing herself, shouting 'beauty is a lie'.

Of course, Gaga's whole act undoubtedly had some kind of poignant message behind it.

Gaga then jumped up with a prosthetic head - in matching teal wig - held aloft, before snarling towards the judges, including Heidi Klum: 'I would kill for fashion.'

The show at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne was being streamed live on the internet, so Gaga's pronouncement reached her fans worldwide.

Yin and yang: The two faces of Gaga during the show, her black stage attire and white runway gown

She is deadly serious about fashion, besides Bowie, Queen and Madonna, the New Yorker counts Donatella Versace as one of her primary inspirations.

Her own team, the Haus of Gaga have also had a sensational effect upon fashion, with outlandish styles inspired by Gaga's look even filtering down to the high street.

Also performing during the evening showcase was R&B singer Keri Hilson, while stunning blonde model Jana was crowned the winner of the catwalk-focused program.

The dark side: Gaga opted for a sleek black ensemble for her typically entertaining routine

Cutting edge: Gaga holds a fake head in her left hand after laying down under the guillotine behind her

But as usual, it was Gaga who stole the show, and in the same interview with the Daily Record, the singer - who split from boyfriend Luc Carl earlier this year - also hinted that she might be ready to steal someone's heart, again.

Talking about her heavily made up appearance, she explained: 'I do get laughed at quite a bit by all my friends because they say I go to sleep a lot with my make-up on. But I say that I have to be ready for the man of my dreams!'

The superstar singer also recently spoke about the inspiration behind her new album Born This Way.

Speaking to the NME, she said: 'I was thinking about Madonna, she was a big inspiration and I was thinking about Prince when I was writing.

'There's the industrial sound of German house music too. Whitney Houston's on there too, especially on Marry The Night.'

Heads up: The singer holds a fake head aloft as she crowns her performance on the German show

Lady GaGa - Edge Of Glory (Germany's Next Topmodel 2011)

source: dailymail