Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The UNMENTIONABLE .. the proper role of government in America

  1. Provide for the COMMON DEFENSE
  2. Ensure EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for every CITIZEN, by ensuring individual rights are supreme
  3. Welcome all IMMIGRANTS seeking haven through a legal process which is enforceable and enforced
  4. Protect the citizens’ property AND IT’S VALUE (from excess, abuse, crime and usury) as it IS freedom
  5. Promote the public good - no one in this society should starve, or be homeless against his or her own will .. this means policies which PROMOTE COMMERCE TO ENSURE FULL EMPLOYMENT, and will thus provide affordability for those compulsory services and protections for those who need them, and will work for the public good while receiving them
  6. Ensure the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS so that the government must always be limited