Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LAPD deputy chief admits partnering with the Muslim Brotherhood

Deputy Chief Michael Downing believes he is involved in a process of Democratizing Islam. He believes he has partners in this Democratizing process.

He staunchly declares that the mission of Al Qaeda, the establishment of Muslim-domination and Sharia law across the world is impossible.

The question is whether the Muslims he is "partnering" with share his opinion. I seriously doubt it.

These Stealth Jihadists of the ISNA, the MSA, and the ICSC, are playing a game of chess, and they are willing to wait a long time to lull people like Michael Downing into a complacency, in which dazzled by the unfolding of their own strategy, people like Michael Downing will find themselves Checkmated.

The problem, of course, is people like Michael Downing are our leaders at this point.

Such leaders would be wise to listen to our enemies, when they say things like this:

U.K.: Islamic hate preacher says government wants "to create a docile brand of Islam but it is not going to happen"