Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kenya: Clerics Demand Government Allow Them To Kill Gays

From Will at The Other News, via the Nation (in Kenya):
A section of Muslim clerics on Monday called on the government to allow them apply Shariah laws to deal with rising cases of homosexuality.
If allowed, Shariah laws would enable the clerics to punish offenders as stipulated by the Quran, said Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya organising secretary Sheikh Mohammed Khalifa.
Sheikh Khalifa also urged Christians and Muslims to shun religious leaders who abetted homosexuality.
“We are asking Kenyans to shun businesses owned by such people and further show them open discrimination as a way of stopping the beastly act.
“They grossly abuse rights of others and should not be accepted among the society,” he said.
He said a madrassa teacher from Pakistan at Mlango wa Papa mosque recently charged with sexually abusing boys had been banned from leading any religious functions.
“Death is the only punishment prescribed by Islam for such people as done in China and Iran.
“We urge our government to consider allowing us to use such methods to deal with the dehumanising acts,” Sheikh Khalifa told reporters on the sidelines of an anti-homosexuality workshop.
He said if the government was not ready to allow them use Shariah to deal with culprits, then it should consider introducing death and life sentences for the offenders.
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