Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Iranian Police To Launch Dress Code Enforcement Campaign; Ayatollah: Unveiled Women More Dangerous Than Evil Animals

Hossein Zadeh, a senior official in the Iranian police, said that last week’s rape attacks on women in a park in the city of Khomeynishahr, in central Iran, would not have happened if the women were properly dressed and veiled.
Majid Abhari, advisor to the Majlis committee for society issues, said that 60% of Tehran’s residents violate the Islamic dress code.
The Iranian police said that on June 15 a campaign to enforce the dress code would be launched.
Ayatollah ‘Alam Al-Hodeh, a prayer leader in the city of Mashhad, said in his June 10 Friday sermon that women who are unveiled and wear tight clothing are more dangerous than evil animals.
You know, he's got a point. Look at all the trouble this woman has caused.

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