Thursday, June 9, 2011

Herman Cain:" I’m working real hard on being able to pronounce their names properly”


From Political Wire:

Cain Admits He Doesn’t Know Much About Foreign Affairs

Herman Cain was very upfront in an interview with David Brody about his biggest weakness as a presidential candidate:

“I’m working real hard on understanding heads of state, on other countries around the world, being able to pronounce their names properly. Being able to have their proper title when I talk about them in that context. Yes, that is an area that I have not focused on because when I was doing my radio show, foreign affairs didn’t come up that often in terms of what my listeners wanted… So when it comes to other nations, friend or foe, I have a lot of homework to do, but I’m in the process of doing that homework to get up to speed.”

It is extremely disappointing to see that people who want to be president don’t have the intellectual curiosity, and personal NEED TO UNDERSTAND the mechanics of the world they want to be a major player in. This man became a huge success I AM CERTAIN by informing himself in what was needed to win out in fast assemblage, cooking and delivery of a good product.

The new product is the safety of the american people from foreign and domestic enemies, and internally, the ELIMINATION of deficit and debt. While one can argue the latter is more important than the former, you need the intimate knowledge of both to be ANY GOOD, and the instincts to take advantage of that knowledge. And I DO feel that, those instincts trumps sheepskins. But you have to have a clue.


I don’t expect perfection, or look for a single litmus test, but for god’s sake, Herman! FORGET THE SPELLINGS, and just figure out who the bastards and and sons of bitches are. It’s NOT THAT HARD.

You have a lot of qualifications. Just DO IT. If you have no interest in foreign affairs and the history which made today, DROP OUT NOW.