Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From Jihad Watch:

Under Mubarak, it was outlawed. Now it can run candidates in the September elections. It is likely to do very, very well, far outstripping the 20% its candidates garnered running as independents in 2005. "In Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood becomes legitimate party," :
CAIRO - The Egyptian official news agency on Tuesday recognized the Muslim Brotherhood as a legitimate party for the first time since it was outlawed in 1954, AP reported. 
The party was recognized as the "Freedom and Justice Party" and will be allowed to run in the parliamentary elections scheduled for September, the report said.
The party's candidates, running as independents, won 20 percent of the Egyptian vote in the 2005 parliamentary election.
To be recognized as a party under the new rules, the party has announced it will be open to Muslims, Christians and women, AP said....