Friday, June 17, 2011

Daughters of What American Revolution?

This morning I attended the Graduation Ceremony for my Nephew and Niece. A woman from the Daughters of the American Revolution was there to make a short speech and present some awards.

When she was announced I stood up, clapping and cheering loudly, as I was happy to see that this organization, dedicated to teaching about the Founding of the United States of America, was still doing it's thing in our schools.

But, much to my consternation, this is the content of the woman's speech:
"I have been studying about the Native Peoples of the land on which we stand, specifically, the people known as the "Mojave Indians". I don't know why they were called the Mojave Indians, but I did learn that they used to roam this land, looking for water, and living in different places all the time. 

And, this is why we are here today."
I am not exaggerating, nor demeaning the woman, to say that this was the entire intellectual content of her speech. It is not verbatim, but it is as close as I can recall. This is really what the "Daughter of the American Revolution" said.

There was nothing about the American Revolution, nothing about the Founding Fathers, and nothing about the development of the Constitution of the United States, nor, even, the Bill of Rights.

Just the message that, "we are here today" because some nomads a long time ago used to roam this land looking for water.

I don't know what could be stupider, or more overtly and backhandedly racist, or more vacuous, or more degenerate, or more obliterating to our culture, than to perpetuate such idiocy in our schools.