Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Charles de Gaulle = FDR?

I once posted about FDR's hostility to the Jewish community and how he opposed repealing Vichy-based laws, something still not very well known. But here's something that may not be very well known about Charles de Gaulle either, written by Bat Ye'or:
Eurabia is not Europe, it is its enemy. It does not represent the majority of Europeans nor all its politicians. When I speak of Eurabia I refer to an ideology, a strategy, a policy and a culture whose nerve-centre and way of working are exemplified by the Anna Lindh Foundation in Alexandria, linked to the Swedish Consulate. At the origin of this vision in the 1960s, one can identify Charles de Gaulle and Haj Amin al-Husseini, former Mufti of Jerusalem, whom de Gaulle saved from the Nuremberg trial in 1946. Implemented after the Kippur War, this view promoted an alliance between the European Community and the Arab world – operative at all levels of the European Community, regionally and internationally, and linked with the European Common Foreign and Security Policy. It aimed to create a strategic Euro-Arab pole hostile to Israel, supporting Arafat and the PLO, and opposed to America. Without much difficulty, France was able to carry along the rest of Europe into this programme from 1973, after the Arab oil embargo.
If this is so, and de Gaulle helped that monster to escape, it makes him just as bad as FDR, and in a way, a European variant on that phony. It's also a betrayal of his own country and every decent French citizen of the times, not to mention every decent European elsewhere on the continent.

Here's some more info on Solomonia.