Friday, June 17, 2011

Breaking: Roads Closed Near The Pentagon - Local News Is Reporting a Five Pound Bag of Amonium Nitrate Was Found in a Backpack and Detonated By Police

Early this morning, a suspicious vehicle was found in the bushes near the Pentagon, on the north side and near Fort Myer.

One person, a naturalized Ethiopian citizen, has been taken into custody.

Local news stories indicate that a five-pound bag of ammonium nitrate was found in or near the vehicle - in a backpack. Officers are patrolling the woods with machine guns, and a loud boom is expected any moment when the bomb squad moves in to detonate the device.

A notebook containing threatening words was also found. The words include "Al Qaeda" and "Taliban."

The MSNBC story is HERE. However, much of the information provided here is coming from live coverage via my local TV news.

A news conference is pending as I type this post.

Update: The device has been detonated. The situation is ongoing and fluid.