Thursday, June 16, 2011

Barack -- "Shovel ready wasn't as shovel ready as we thought."

Mitt -- "I'm also unemployed."

Both are fucking idiots who have no idea what the 20+ million un/deremployed in this country are dealing with every goddamned day.

Mitt Romney to voters: ‘I’m also unemployed’

By Holly Bailey

It's a line that's sure to come back to haunt Mitt Romney.

At a campaign event in Florida today, the 2012 Republican frontrunner met with a group of unemployed workers who talked about their challenges looking for jobs in the struggling economy.

After they concluded, the former Massachusetts governor suggested he should tell his own "story," according to the New York Times' Jeff Zeleny.

"I'm also unemployed," Romney replied, with a smile.

The comment was clearly meant to hint jokingly at Romney's bid for the presidency, but it was also an odd statement coming from a candidate whose financial situation is so far removed from his audience's. A former head of Bain Capital, Romney is said to be worth at least $200 million--wealth that has enabled him to concentrate on running for president full time for the better part of the last five years.

But Romney's audience was in on the joke. According to Zeleny, the group "chuckled" along with Romney, with one man asking, "Are you on LinkedIn?"

The former governor replied, "I'm networking. I have my sight on a particular job."