Friday, June 10, 2011

Anyone else see Herman Cain on O'Reilly? Are you as turned off as I am?

What a friggin' disappointment!
Cain was asked, about, given that there are reports that Iran could have a nuclear weapon this year, how would he stop them?
His seemingly self satisfied answer seems like it came out of a stupid adviser's drill book, and consisted of memorized phrases glued together which said .. 'real energy independence will stop Iran'


I could have lived with - 'It's too late.' or 'Is an all our war, worth it?' or 'My judgment is we don't have the intelligence assets to stop them with a series of air strikes' or 'We leave no two stones on top of each other' least those answer the question.

This was no 'I mispoke'.

O'Reilly was not some sniper trying to trip him up

Candidate FAIL.


So long, farewell, it's been a nice fantasy, but you are not the man.